savvy systems

At m design, systems rule! We believe that graphic design systems of interlocking print, electronic and environmental elements make it easier to transmit complex information, while also reinforcing a brand image.

How do design systems work? Glad you asked. We have created a visual aid to help explain the concept. The image below shows at a glance how a company might systematize their communications. There is a website with different sections that are color-coded by subject matter. Each section becomes the anchor for a related suite of coordinated print and electronic materials such as eBooks, tip sheets, infographics. By unifying all of these pieces through color, format, type and image, the brand unity is maintained both horizontally and vertically. 

Better yet, a smartly organized and well-designed system like this helps users more easily understand the messaging. A clear and informative user experience = happier customers! 

Does your information cry out for better organization? Let us design a custom coordinated communication system for you!

system visual.jpg