A Look Into the Most Unique Logo Development Processes: Target

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Target’s bullseye is one of the most recognizable logos in North America. A survey conducted in 2003 found that 96% of consumers knew what the symbol represented. Target didn’t rise to the number 8 retail store in America without one of the most effective logos in the market today. Read more about the evolution of Target’s iconic bullseye logo.

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The bullseye was first conceived in 1962, when the owners of Dayton Department Store were looking to rebrand their company. The team sorted through over 200 logos and landed on a red and white bullseye. That’s when they decided to re-name the company and “Target” was born.

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In 1969, Target launched one of their first marketing campaigns, “Shop at Target,” and broke out their newest form of the logo. They experimented with placing the bullseye in different, unique places, but ultimately decided to go another route.

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A few years later in 1975, Target introduced another variation of the bullseye - this time setting their name to the right in a big, bold font.

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Fast forward to 1989, Target decided to change their font and removed their iconic bullseye. Ultimately, this campaign was not successful and was retired within just one year.  

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In 1999, Target introduced “Spot” with the bullseye painted over her face - and it was a very effective marketing strategy. Target now uses Spot on gift cards and signage. They also produced toys, one of which made it to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History!

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For the most recent update, Target removed their name and embraced the simplicity of the bullseye logo. It’s safe to say they were “on target” with this choice, as their symbol is still one of the most recognizable logos across the United States.



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