What Is the Future of Design? The Trends You Should Watch For

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Every year brings with it exciting new advances in the world of design, and we can never truly predict what is next. Who knew that the much-mocked iPad would become a tablet in households and schools throughout the country? Who could’ve predicted that a small start-up run out of a college dorm room would be setting major design trends for social media apps a decade down the line? While the future of design has plenty of question marks surrounding it, there are many trends on the horizon that your business could benefit from latching onto.

Minimalism Is King

The tide has been slowly shifting to minimalism, but thanks to Mario Kondo on Netflix and a growing social consciousness on the effects of overconsumption, minimalism is becoming widespread. Think about sustainability when designing products and services for your customer base. Things like comfort and durability will soon become more vital to the client experience than trendiness or excessive detail.

Focus in a World of Clutter

Taking a page from minimalism’s book, the future of design will also emphasize a streamlined and focused approach. Instead of the constant distraction that new apps, different solutions and overwhelming UI provide, the future will take a close look at how to best use what we already have. You can expect to see simpler, more intuitive websites instead of sprawling behemoth sites with dozens of pages.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

Modern aesthetics, sans serif fonts and sleek designs are not necessarily the future of design. While these elements are effective and widely adopted, they are reaching a point where they are now too widely adopted. Brands that want to stand out and reach customers need to incorporate unique elements to make emotional connections with current and future customers.

Data Helping Businesses Thrive

With so much data being collected, there will be more opportunities for businesses to analyze, react, and succeed. Are you tired of wondering which design gets you the best results on a landing page? What about which tagline makes the best emotional connection with a customer? Data will provide new avenues for optimizing the customer experience and ultimately increasing your own bottom line.

Embrace the Future of Design with M Design

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