m design created a complete set of marketing materials for this accounting firm. Inspired by the green and brown ledger paper of old, we custom designed a mark incorporating the owner's initial and applied it to classic business papers. The graphic pattern and classy color set can be manipulated in many ways to continue a modern, professional style.


The Imaging Research Center has approached m design for an entire rebranding strategy. We wanted to create a moving, changing identity—one that would reflect the constantly changing and growing world of imagery and technology.

By taking advantage of the complicated, yet simple relationships that exist between letterforms, words and color, we developed a system for the IRC to endlessly add appropriate words and colors to their identity. The movie below illustrates this idea.


The American Podiatric Medical Association approached m design for help with its annual lecture series, a traveling educational program for APMA members and podiatrists all over the country.

We came up with many ideas including the use of photography, medical illustration, and pure typography. Although sometimes ideas presented are not ideas accepted, we like to share our process. Below are a few of our suggested solutions to this visually challenging, complicated logistical project.

Bernstein Management Corporation hired m design and New York architect Carl Smith
to "brand" the industrial building located at 1100 Wicomico Street in Baltimore City. Our suggestion was to give the building a new color palette and a nickname - "1100 Wico Mico". We created a logo that works both vertically and horizontally, then made it the foundation
for a visual language that echoes throughout the building. The internal and external signage has brought new recognition and value to this formerly unknown building.

Effective graphic design demands strong knowledge of typography and acute spatial awareness as illustrated in the case of this global pressure washer company. Marketing to both individuals and businesses, these materials required accuracy, detail and constant updating. m design excels in the clean, clear communication of complicated information.