What image do you want to project? What image best suits your business? Like a stone thrown into a pond, your professional identity sends out concentric rings of impression that grow from your first customer contact. Is your stone a pebble, or a boulder?

m design builds visually arresting, coordinated identity programs that get attention and keep your business in front of the competition.


What is information architecture (IA)?

You can't build a house without blueprints, and the same goes for websites. Information Architecture (IA) is a blueprint for your website. IA dictates the way your website functions. It involves user research, grouping and labeling content, mapping functionality, and creating navigation systems to produce goal-driven results. It can be done for both existing and new websites.

Some of the deliverables associated with the IA process are; project brief, overall site architecture map, individual page schematics, content inventory and functional requirements. As the hub of a website design team, the IA becomes the user advocate, making sure that the user experience will be positive before the visual design is considered.

m design specializes in Information architecture.