The “Experience” of Design


The world of business today is filled with buzzwords. While some of them might get a bad reputation for being a flash in the pan, others will endure for decades. User experience design is one concept that will be vital to effective technology and marketing for years to come. What is user experience design and why should your business care?


Experience Design 101

User experience design, also known as “information architecture” is the process of creating a user-friendly and intuitive experience for the customer. This science is used for projects ranging from web to print, event planning to product design.

Why is user experience design so important? On a basic level, engaged customers are crucial to every business. On a financial level, it is much more expensive to attract and acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one by offering great value and an excellent user experience.


How Does the Process Work?

User experience design encompasses a wealth of research techniques, hours of observation and testing, top-notch strategic marketing knowledge, high-end prototyping and graphic design skills. At m design, you will benefit from our expertise not only in graphic design, but in the science of user experience.


Develop Your Brand with m design

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