What’s in a Name? Why Your Business Name Matters More Than You Think

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Apple. Windows. Amazon. What do those words have in common? It’s not that they are used to describe objects or things found in the world. Instead, it’s that they are all instantly recognizable tech companies. What about Toshiba and Sony? While those names might not represent anything in the “real world,” they are also instantly recognizable. The business name you choose will be inextricably linked with you forever. What’s in a name?

Your Business Name Is Everywhere

You will require a name early in the process of creating a business, as it will be used everywhere—on stationery, marketing materials, website, legal and business documents. Without a business name, you won’t get very far!

Your Name Has Power

Business names conjure emotions, even if the name isn’t a word already in use. Your name could be positive or negative, it could inform or be abstract. Although not a real “word” the name Facebook does provide a hint as to the service provided. The name and branding of your business is the first impression that you’ll make, so getting it right is essential.

Your Name Represents You

Your business name is a short way of representing who you are and what you’re about. Whether you’re a local ice cream shop or the next Google, it will identify your culture and your service to the world. You want to get this right! 

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