A Look Into the Most Unique Logo Development Processes Part Two: The Amazon Logo

Logo Credit:    Turner Duckworth

Logo Credit: Turner Duckworth

One of the most easily-recognizable logos can be seen all over brown packages and on one of the most popular websites in the world—Amazon.com. Amazon’s logo has evolved a great deal since it was used in 1994 to sell books from a small website. How has this e-commerce giant continued to evolve thanks to clever logo development?  

The First Logos


At the start, Jeff Bezos partnered with Turner Duckworth for his logo development. The first Amazon logo used the letter A with a river carved out inside of it. The version was swapped out three years later for a more elegant version that featured “amazon.com” in the font we recognize today and the tagline “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore” underneath.  

Adding in the Orange Accent


Jeff Bezos was very concerned about spending excessive amounts of money on branding or packaging, so he relied on Turner Duckworth again to prioritize simplicity in his logo development. The newer version of the logo, with the orange accent color and an arrow that looks like a smile became the only branding on boxes. Through this, Amazon was able to turn boxes into a marketing vehicle and save money on ink and excessively branded packaging.


Today’s Logo


For years now, Amazon’s logo has featured a prominent arrow. If you look carefully, you can see that the arrow connects two letters in the name—A and Z! This is meant to symbolize that you can find anything from A to Z on Amazon.com and have it delivered in a prompt fashion. Thanks to the placement of the arrow, the image also evokes the smile that the company wants you to have whenever you see a purchase arrive on your doorstep.


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